Hugo Cardenas Artist



He studied Visual Arts at the University Foundation of Fine Arts in the city of Medellin in Colombia and studied a Master in drawing and painting at the Accademia Riaci in the city of Florence, Italy. He did a specialization in creative and children's illustration at the Center Universitari de Disseny i Art (Eina) in the city of Barcelona in Spain

He has held several solo and group exhibitions in Italy, Spain and Colombia, including the Arte Laguna award, Como Contemporany contest, Davinci Quinientos, Malaga art fair, Barcelona Big Awards, Dress your Wall, Feria del Millón among other exhibitions and is currently based In colombia


2017 Fragiles, individual exhibition, Opera Lounge, Barcelona, Spain

2015 Polaris. Individual exhibition. Speaker 23 bar, Florence, Italy.

2014 Herbes Mirabiles. Individual exhibition. Sensus Luogho Per Il Arte contemporáneo . Florence. Italy

2012 Exponer la Mirada. Individual exhibition. Suramericana metro Station. Medellin. Colombia.


2021 Perspectiva en 2d, collective exhibition, Galeria el garaje, Bogota

2020 very important fact, collective exhibition , Sala Siroco, Madrid, Spain.

2020 Be happy fest festival, festival de empredimiento, parque de la 93 festival, Bogota, Colombia

2020 Arcot 2020 tokyo, Cervantes institute on Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

2019 Casa tres patios thirteenth auction, Casa tres patios, Medellin, Colombia

2019 Feria Buro, desing and art festival, instituto Pedagógico Nacional, Bogota, Colombia

2019 Abracemos el Futuro, auction, Culto gallery, Bogota, Colombia

2019 Amor y amor, Alma fundation, casa estudio 74, Bogota , Colombia

2019 Feria del Millon seventh exhibition , San juan Hospital, Bogota, Colombia

2019 Davinci Quinientos,  Universidad Pontifica Bolivariana sporcenter,  Medellin, Colombia

2019 Illustrazione dell´anima, Sensus Luogho per l arte contemporánea, Florence, Italy

2019 No borders, Miscelanea galeria, Barcelona, España

2018 Wunderkammer, Museo el castillo, Medellín, Colombia

2018 Twelve auction, Casa tres patios, Medellin, Colombia

2018 Barcelona big awards, Cage gallery, Barcelona, Spain

2017 Swab barcelona art fair, italian pavilion, Barcelona, Spain

2017 Art fair Malaga, Malaga conferences palace, Malaga, Spain.

2017 Premio Marchionni, Museo Magmma, Sardegna, Italy

2016 Dress your wall, Graphic market, Miscelanea gallery, Barcelona, Spain

2016 Nodes, collective exhibition, Mofuta gallery studio, Barcelona,Spain.

2016 Preludio, collective exhibition, Opera Lounge, Barcelona, Spain

2016 Cos I Materia, collective exhibition, Espai Txema, Barcelona, Spain.

2015 Arte Laguna prize, collective exhibition, Nappe Arsenale , Venice, Italy.

2015 Artisti a Simultanea, collective exhibition, Simultanea Spazi D´Arte, Firenze, Italy.

2015 Vertigo: Percorso d´arte contemporanea, collective exhibition, Fortezza da Basso, Firenze, Italia.

2014 Casa Tres Patios eighth auction, Medellin, Colombia

2014 Persona. collective exhibition. Multiverso coworking. Firenze. Italy

2014 Co co co Comtenporany contest. Collective exhibition. San pietro In Atro church. Como. Italy

2014 Shortlisted for The Catalogue of hyperrealist painting (Ipperealismo - Hypperealism)

2014 Acts Visual Size Small, Collective Exhibition. El Castillo Museum . Medellín. Colombia

2014 Arte figurativa Ieri, Oggi , Domani. Collective Exhibition. Unique Gallery. Turin, Italy

2014 Liberamente. Collective Exhibition. La Goccia Gallery. Napoles. Italy

2013 Tragaluz d` illustration award. Collective exhibition Café Zorba. Medellin and beast of the independent publications in the Odeon Theatre, Bogota. Colombia

2013 Rafael Pombo Tribute, Faber Castell Second National Competition Design. Contemporány Art Museum. Bogota. Colombia

2013 Acts Visual Size Small. Collective Exhibition. El Castillo Museum . Medellín. Colombia

2012 Trueque Abierto. Collective Exhibition. Casa Taller Vector Stick. Medellín. Colombia

2012 Sixth Auction. Casa Tres Patios. Medellín. Colombia

2012 XII Heartist In The Marketplace. Centro Colombo Americano. Medellín. Colombia

2012 Was room as a John Cage. John Cage tribute. Collective Exhibition. Factory Formacol. Medellín. Colombia

2012 Acts Visual Size Small, Collective Exhibition. El Castillo Museum . Medellín. Colombia

2011 Faber Castell National Design Competition university. Collective Exhibition. Contemporány Art Museum, Bogota, Colombia

2011 VideoRockola. Collective Exhibition. The agencia gallery. Bogota. Colombia

2011 Comfenalco Third Biennale. Collective Exhibition. Castilla Library. Medellín. Colombia

2011 FUBA-IBA XV Students Art Competition Library. Collective Exhibition. EPM Library. Medellin. Colombia

2011 Media Shorts Marathon. Collective Exhibition. Medellin Modern Art Museum . Colombia

2010 artistas Mas, Mas ciudad. Collective Exhibition. Medellin. Colombia

2009 + Que Sangre First Art Bidimensional exhibition, Colombian Red Cross. Medellin Modern Art Museum . Colombia


2017 first prize as an artist selected as representative of the Barcelona art and design schools at the Art on Paper event

2013 Mention of Honor Profesionals Category, Faber Castell II National Competition. Rafael Pombo tribute.

2007 laureate monograph: "Influence of American comic and manga in the Colombian youth"

CV image
"An image is just an abstraction of the world in two dimensions, it is what removes a dimension to the real world and inaugurates in that way the power of illusion" JEAN BAUDRILLARD

The image of that timelessness give us understand the exercise to image scenes or situations that arise frim our need to créate ephemeral performances regardless of memories and berms that we consider real in our time.

From my pratice as an artista I search constantly for my personal investigarions of historic event that and I can propose fron the drawing as vital language in comtemporary artistic practices, I draw compositional spaces between fulls and emptys, planimetries games and volumens. I male poetic languages that allow me top lay with the narrative of our memory.